Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poem: High Speed Romance

Momentum was a speedy girl
A hero quick and bright.
She ran and ran around the world,
to turn all Wrongs to Right.

The villain Hush did steal some loot.
And vanished then in fear.
Momentum caught her in pursuit
But left something more dear.

It was not right, Momentum knew,
To love an Evil one.
It might be wrong, but through and through,
She knew that Hush had won.

She freed Hush from her prison cell
And showed her a new life.
But Hush did not do Good so well
And wanted to cause strife.

So Hush, she left Momentum's side
And stole her heart and wealth.
Momentum ran and ran and cried.
She cursed her perfect health.

So learn from this, young heroes true,
Though villains sexy are,
They will not love as heroes do.
Your heart they'll surely scar.

But do not fear, for there is hope
For love that will not fail.
For though Momentum now does mope,
Let's hear more of her tale.

Now Delta was a heroine
Who morphed near all the time.
A hero tried and true, she'd win
And stop quickly all crime.

She met Momentum one fine night
While she fought some bad guy.
She helped in the heroic fight
And caught Momentum's eye.

They met again, this time for fun.
They talked and talked some more.
Momentum saw the rising sun;
her heart no longer sore.

They fell in love and all was grand,
But what of evil Hush?
She's doing time, I understand,
And not in any rush.