Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cancelled Skies

What happens next, I guess I'll never know.
I'll wonder fruitlessly until I die.
The world's not fair, and many've told me so.
But still, I have to sit and wonder why.
It was a really shiny gorram show,
But they still went and cancelled Firefly!
And now I've watched all that was ever made.
Too soon it's gone, too soon the credits fade.

They were my life, but that life's left me cold.
I loved the Shepherd, Simon, Mal, and Jayne.
And Kaylee with her engines, all their gold.
And River, always wonderf'ly insane.
The beautiful Inara won't grow old,
And Wash won't go to Zoe's bed again.
But now they're gone. It couldn't matter less.
And yet it causes in me such distress!

How can this thing inspire me to rhyme?
It's fiction! Characters not ever real!
But for a sweet and cherished slice of time,
The pain I felt could match the pain they feel.
Their world has lots of violence, pain, and grime.
Yet comfort seems to be the lesser deal.
Now crew and cast is gone, no more to see.
It's like they went and took the sky from me.