Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Direction in Life

I've been having a lot of thoughts of where and what to do with my life. It's been really difficult for me, living like this. School doesn't excite me, I'm hardly keeping up with my writing, I've even been, I'll admit, a little depressed.

I've always wanted to be a writer, but I don't think that's right for me. In fact, I've realized writing is what's been holding me back. Both writing and reading. I've been so involved with the fictional world, I've ignored the real world. My social life is a wreck, I'm barely passing school, I'm so involved in fiction, I've practically lost my sense of what is real and what isn't.

It isn't healthy. But I couldn't see that for far too long. I was too busy thinking about what will happen in Blackest Night? Who will be on the new roster of the Teen Titans? When will the next Neil Gaiman book come out?

But I've found something better than all of that.

I've found religion.

Yes, I've accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, and I don't see how I could ever have felt otherwise.

And I'm going to pursue this farther. I need to get more in touch with my inner-self, with my soul. I'm dropping out of college. It hasn't been doing anything for me anyway. There's this nunnery in Vermont that I want to find. I'm going to join and find my true, Christian soul.

This is a big change for me. I'm a little nervous, and very excited. I'm not sure what will happen after this, but it's definitely going to be better than my life has been.