Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wow, an actual post!

I wrote another superhero poem. Three, actually. A sonnet and two haikus. One of them originally was a Twitter post. Oh, twitter, how little I miss thee. I might still go back some day, I suppose.

Romantic Interest

By day I am a normal human girl.
You've seen me at the office, in the back.
By night I'm in a fully diff'rent world
When masked all evil's forces I attack.

And no, you've never seen me in the night.
I've seen you, though, and saved you once or twice.
But on you walked. You thought that all was right.
You'll never see the grime and crime and vice.

I wish I could just tell you all this stuff!
Perhaps you'd see me then in night and day.
I wouldn't need to run when things got rough.
But honestly, I know what you would say.

"This 'superhero' thing? It isn't real!"
It is. I am. Don't tell me how to feel.

And the haikus:


Best part of having
the house to myself: pants are
fully optional.


I fell in a pit
of radioactive waste.
I'm dead, not super.

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