Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paris Day 1

The flight was fairly uneventful for me. First, I finished Essay #1. Then, I watched the only episode of Buffy I haven't seen. For those curious, it was "Enemies," in Season 3. I accidentally skipped it when I stopped watching for a while and started up again and didn't bother going back because that was before I actually liked Angel and man did I want Season 3 to be over so I could get back to having Spike around. I also slept a lot. My Dad read a book about raising children. My mom and sister sat next to some US Marshals. My mom found out because the one next to her refused to move, which scared her until he showed her his badge. It was all very exciting. Also, the bathrooms in the airport in Paris had really pretty murals.

We shared a cab with some woman for reasons I don't entirely understand, but I think have to do with her being in a similar area and getting to the man who had been sent by the people who own our apartment to pick us up before we did. She was very nice, though. From South Africa. There was a lot of traffic. We got to our apartment, but the former occupants hadn't ditched yet. We left our suitcases and wandered off to find a cafe for breakfast. There were croissants and delicious hot chocolate, plus a cheese omelette and Elise got a long piece of bread with butter and jam. We had various fruit juices as well. Mine was grapefruit!

We still had time to kill, so we wandered down the street and looked at bookstores and fruit stands. There were some pricey but delicious looking cherries. Also, I learned how to say vampire in French! "Vampire." I believe it's pronounced "Vam-peer."

Then we wandered back to the hotel for internet/nap time. It was good. We had a bit more food and the parents left with Elise to visit the Rodin museum while Julia stayed home and slept and I worked on Essay #2. After that, it was dinner time. I liked the fish and had a delicious apple type desert. Dad got cheese. It was amazing.

And now it's time for more Essay #2 because if I don't finish it today, it will never be finished, followed by bed. See you tomorrow!


Frona said...

So delighted to get your first report! Hope all continues to go well. Love, Grandma F

rumination said...

"Enemies" is actually my favorite episode of S3. For reasons of horrors that I'm sure you get right off the bat, lmao. But yeah, speaking as someone who is a little too obsessed with that character than's healthy, even -I- didn't like Angel in BtVS. (Angelus, yes, but Angel? Noooot really.)

Glad to hear you got the essay done and got there safe and sound. Good luck on Essay #2!

...also, this is Rumi in case I did the OpenID thing wrong and the comment goes all wonky.

Shana Jean said...

I am incredibly unsurprised. I think it might be my second favorite, though I haven't rewatched S3 enough to know for sure. Well, maybe fourth favorite. The wish episodes and the Spike episode win over it, I think, but it was great.

And it worked! Hi Rumi!

cpopky said...

Shanala, I loved your blog. I can't wait to hear about your visit with all my relatives. So glad you are all having such a good time. Love and kisses,
G'ma C

Anonymous said...

Dude, Shana!
You have no idea how happy it makes me that your comments on Paris are interspersed with episodes of Buffy :)
For some reason the cherries here are mad expensive, too. Go figure. Must be an evil plot.
Will follow you blog with considerable interest - its like having a pocket-Shana! Cheers, Have a friggin GREAt time!