Wednesday, July 23, 2008

England Day 3!

Last night we saw Spamalot. It was awesome! Mother thought she'd hate it, but she was wrong. Shockingly. Hate Spamalot? Ha! But yes, it was hilarious.

Today we went to Notting Hill, which is this cute little neighborhood with a street and flea market-ish place called Portabello Road. Julia would have loved it. So many shoes! And earrings! And random weird stuff! I finally got a new necklace, which is lovely. And we bought some raspberries for a pound! From a woman who really seemed like the witch from Hansel and Gretel. She was old with very white hair and a crooked nose and she said "darling" after every word. "It's a pound, darling. Thank you darling. That's not enough, darling." Mother got confused and gave her ten pence at first. It was amusing. Then we ate lunch and people watched.

We left the raspberries at the hotel when we went back to get our luggage. And the shirt I sleep in, which is sad since I've had it since fifth grade, but honestly, not a tragedy. We took the wrong train and ended up in South Chesington or something. It was okay, though. We managed to get to Linnea's after a while.

Her little girls are the most adorable children ever! We talked about Harry Potter and played soccer football and frisbee. And chatted about food and writing and everything! Emma, the older one, gave me this poster of the Doctor and Donna she had that she didn't want. It was so sweet. And Emma also complimented my horrible attempt at an English accent!

Now we're reading (or in my case, writing) because mom can't sleep and I can't sleep when someone else is awake. At least it was productive!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great posting! I especially like the key terms. If I were looking up raspberries, this would tell me EXACTLY what I need to know! Now go back and get them, or the witch's evil spell shall be upon you!