Thursday, July 24, 2008

England Day 4!

Well, today was quite an adventure! We left Linnea's house at far too early in the morning and drove to the airport to get the car. Mother was terribly nervous about driving on the opposite side of the road. I was too tired to care, so I fell asleep. We got a GPS system to help navigate, though. Her name is Jane. She's not as talkative as Sylvia, the GPS system at home, but she does get the job done.

Then we went to see Stonehenge! Now, people have told us that Stonehenge isn't worth it. They said, don't bother, it's highly overrated.

Those people were dead wrong.

Nothing is cooler than driving over a hill and being like OH MY GOD, THAT'S IT! THAT'S STONEHENGE! And we couldn't go right up and touch the stones, but we could get close enough to see it well. Plus, because of our unfortunate early rising, we got there before the crowds.

It's beautiful. And so awesome and old. Really, really, really worth it.

Then we went to Amesbury for breakfast. Mother got this weird meat pasty that she didn't much like. And by not much like, I mean she hated it. I got this tomato cheese thing that I enjoyed.

We saw Woodhenge too, but it was kind of boring. They had these cement posts in the ground to show where the wooden posts used to be and this shrine that was sort of cool. Meh.

Then we started driving to Avesbury to see the stone circles. Mom was doing very well on the left side of the road, but hugging the curb a little too much. She hit it and our tire blew out. Luckily, we were near a lumber yard where these nice guys helped us change the tire to the spare. We continued on our journey.

The Stone Circles were sort of cool because we could actually touch the stones. We could also touch the sheep. And, unfortunately, the sheep shit. I got some on my foot, which I didn't discover until I showered a few hours ago. Ah, the curses of a stuffy nose! Or maybe blessings, come to think of it.

We continued on to Bath, where we were met by TONS of traffic and a hard-to-get-into parking space. Our hostess at the Oldsfield Bed and Breakfast is the nicest lady ever, though. Her name is Julia. She offered us water and gave us a map and showed us how to get to places and helped deal with the car company for replacing the tire. Seriously, nicest lady ever.

After a quick email check, we left to explore Bath. I've yet to find a comic book store, but that's okay. There's always waiting until we get home. We had a delicious dinner at this french place and went home to watch Shakespeare in Love.

Tomorrow is Hamlet Day!


Anonymous said...

Now I feel really badly that we didn't go to Stonehenge when you were with us! When did you get to be so funny? I especially like your reference to "Mother." How very English! xxoo Grandmother F.

Shana Jean Hausman said...

It's fine that you didn't take me then! I wouldn't have appreciated it as much as now I do. And I've always been this funny. It's just easier for me to write funny than talk funny! And the mother thing is actually just me being a dork in general. If I were being English, I'd call her Mum!

Anonymous said...

I'll let the comment about Linnea's girls being the "cutest ever" go, understanding it as being the polite things to say when you are a guest in someone's house . . .

Love the adventures, both comic and other. Great images . . . What, after your experiences, do you think a "henge" is?


Bob said...

Wow is right! Your description almost made me feel as if I saw the play with you. I can feel your excitement through your blog. What a great graduation present you were given! Love, G'ma C