Wednesday, November 26, 2008

National Novel Writing Month Sestina

I'll write the fifty thousand in a flash!
You watch, the words will come and I will write.
I'll have some problems, but they won't last long.
I've got my story, what an awesome plot!
I know that this will be the best November
Yes, NaNoWriMo isn't very hard.

I didn't think that it would be this hard.
These words don't work, and warnings seem to flash
At me that I should just forget November's
Challenge. I know that I can always write
My novel in another month. The plot
Is better for a story half as long…

But no! I've worked too hard for just too long
To give up now. I'll strain my brain so hard
It might explode. But I will have my plot!
Just come on, Shana, you can have a flash
Of genius! Oh, just watch me as I write!
You're almost half way through this year's November.

The words have left like leaves in dark November.
I knew it was too hard, too lame, too long.
And why did I not realize that to write
Was not my calling after all? Too hard
To think about it. My camera's flash
just couldn't freeze or capture any plot.

I'd rather drop my awful, flimsy plot.
I've got some homework due during November.
And plus, I'd rather read my brand new Flash
Comics. Neglected on my shelf too long.
I want to finish, but it's just too hard!
It takes more will than I have now to write.

But how can I ignore those that I write?
My hero's hanging off a cliff, my plot
Is not as bad as I had thought. It's hard
To not give up, but now awful November
is all but gone. I know it won't be long.
And in the darkness, guiding lights now flash.

Who knew? The brilliant flash hid a fine plot.
It might be cold and long just like November.
But I've worked hard, and somehow it's all right.

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