Sunday, November 2, 2008

Untitled Sonnet

I will not cry for what we never had,
Though once I thought I needed you to live.
Our parting makes me thoughtful, never sad.
I tried it all, there's nothing left to give.
Instead of duets that had come too soon,
I should have sang a solo sort of song.
Together, we were only out of tune.
My one regret? I let it last this long.
You've left me and I really just don't care.
My heart won't break or ache for sake of you.
Back when I wanted you, you weren't there.
Don't think it hurts at all that we are through.
But if you wanted our duet's return,
I'd be there. No, I'll never learn.

1 comment:

Feebus A. said...

If Bart was less prone to melodrama, this would be perfect. XD

In other news, shiny! <3